26 février 2021 nexteo

Not only does our latest technology allow you to turn on and off one or more lamps, but also independently control the intensity, the white temperature or colour and lighting effect of each light to best suit the moment, the area or the activity.

Vary the intensity
and white temperatures

By varying the white temperature, you can go from a soft and pleasant warm white for relaxing or enjoying an evening with friends, to a cooler white simulating daylight and providing more powerful lighting.

In winter, warmer whites heat us like a candle, while a colder white can cool the sometimes overwhelming atmosphere of hot summer nights.

Light in color

You can create a festive atmosphere, transform your living room into a cinema, highlight the decoration of a room or just choose your favorite colour and unwind.

A colour and atmosphere for any time of day or night.


A choice of 8 predefined programs: night mode is ideal for a child’s room while work mode provides you with the light output suited to your activity.

There are also dynamic modes using various shades of similar colours, for effects such as ocean using blues, forest with greens, fire in yellow and orange tones and even romance with a mixture of pink and purple.

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