1 mars 2021 nexteo

At LUTEC we want our smart lighting range to be the very best at providing a quality of light that everyone can appreciate on a daily basis, without necessarily using an application.
Reliability, ease and accessibility for the whole family are our priorities.

Easy to install

In less than 5 minutes the application is downloaded, your account created and you can take control of your first lamp.

Accessible to everyone

Access to the mobile app can be easily shared with the whole family, or the optional remote control or wall switch can also be used to quickly adjust the lighting with just one or two clicks.

your way

Not interested in mobile app control in « connected » mode? No problem! You can control the light via a switch or a remote control to adjust the main lighting effects.


Thanks to its lamp-to-lamp relay system, Bluetooth mesh allows control of up to 100 lamps with a distance of 50 metres between each device.


Setting up our Bluetooth lamps is quick and simple, with no need for complicated settings. It is very easy to find the lamp you are looking for and connect to it, or to switch between several lamps.

Low consumption

Bluetooth mesh networks differ from Wifi and the lamp-to-lamp relay system means they require a much lower transmission power than a Wifi network.

Secure connection

Exchanging information via Bluetooth is actually more secure than via the Internet. It mainly communicates “one to one”. Access can only be obtained product by product and not on a set of devices connected to the same network.

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