1 mars 2021 nexteo

Our ambition is to offer several ways to control your lighting, from the simplest method to the most sophisticated, so that everyone can find the right option for them. Choose from simple wall switch control with a single click, using a remote control from the sofa and pointing at one or more lamps, use of the purpose built mobile application, user created schedule programming or even your voice to attend to your lighting needs or desires.

LUTEC connect App

The LUTEC connect App allows you to control your lighting directly from your smartphone. As well as selecting from the multiple light effects in whites and colours, you can also organise your lamps by room or zone.

A shortcut button (on / off) allows each lamp to be quickly turned on and off.

Intelligent remote control

By pointing the remote directly at your lights, just like you would for the television, our 2 in 1 remote control allows you to switch lights on and off, modify brightness, white light temperature and select colours or one of the multiple varied scenes.

Using the bottom buttons of the remote control, you can turn a specific room or a group of lamps on or off from any location in the house and control all of your LUTEC connect lamps with ease.

Intelligent switch

With no need to connect to the electrical network, you can quickly turn on and off with a single click. The switch also provides the ability to dim and adjust the white light temperature of the lamps in a room or group that has been set up in the mobile application.

3 customisable zones can be created (A – B – C) allowing wide coverage at the touch of a button.
The switch is quick and easy to install using the supplied adhesive, removing the need for drilling or screws.

2 in 1 function

A standard wall switch will allow the luminaire to go from a warm light (2700k) with an additional click to a more intense daylight (4000k).

Voice control

For those who want to control the light with a voice device such as Google home or Alexa, this is made possible with the LUTEC access box, available separately. This accessory allows your smart speaker to be connected to LUTEC connect lamps via your wifi network.

LUTEC Access box

Small in size and easily installed. While this accessory is not essential for the operation of LUTEC connect products, it is necessary to perform certain functions.

Features such as voice control and programming of our lamps to work on a timed schedule or simply be able to control outside your home, will require the use of the access box as part of the system.

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