25 avril 2022 nexteo

All LUTEC cameras are also equipped with a motion detector and thanks to new, more sophisticated controls, all setting parameters can be quickly and easily adjusted to meet any requirement.

Detection and security

Within the App you can adjust and set the detection distance depending on model (from 12 to 19 meters) and set up detection zones to define a specific area you want your device to cover.

From dusk to dawn

Our motion sensor can be adjusted according to the surrounding environmental light, so it will only trigger the cameras light at the time of day you require and only when motion is detected in the area.

Light time settings

As soon as motion is detected, the light turns on for an adjustable duration (set within the app) between 10 seconds and 3 minutes.

Constant light

LUTEC connect cameras are equipped with a constant light feature, which means the light can be set to stay on at 20% output for 2 to 8 hours after dark.
If motion is detected, the light will increase in brightness in response.

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