25 avril 2022 nexteo

LUTEC cameras record high quality images during the day or night and all footage is encrypted and saved onto the included SD card. Within the app you can then access a dedicated section to review all recorded videos.

High quality video

The resolution of the videos is in high definition full HD 1080p even at night. The total number of pixels in the image is 2 Million

The perfect angle

With most of our cameras you can
• Move the head to get the best viewing and detection angle.
• Reverse the camera view from horizontal to vertical
• Zoom to 8x.

Secure, safe storage

The LUTEC connect cameras use simple and secure video storage at all times.
There is no need for a cloud subscription and each detection automatically triggers recording, so you won’t miss an event.

Simple as a SD card

Thanks to the included 16GB SD card, users can store 16 hours of video and any new recordings after this will automatically overwrite previous data.
From the app it is easy to check the current storage capacity. You can also change the card for a larger one, up to 128 GB.

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