31 mars 2022 nexteo


Rename your camera

You can change the camera name according to your preference
(not compulsory).

1 – Enter camera name.

2 – Press OK

Detection set up

1 – Select the light temperature.

2 – Adjust lux and dusk to dawn activation

3 – Adjust the detection distance

4 – Set brightness following detection/activation

5 – Adjust the time the light illuminates for after detection/activation (5 secs minimum to 15 minutes maximum)

6 – Switching on constant light will cause the light to activate at the lux level set above (Sensor Activation Level) for the set time and at the set brightness.

For more help, watch the video

Detection zone

Activate detection zone

Click on Detection Zone Setting

1 – Adjust the zone to your need

2 – Save

The camera record will be activated only while a movement is detected within this zone.
If during the night the light switch ON triggered by the sensor detection then the record will also be activated what ever the zone setting

For more help, watch the video

Screen orientation

You can reverse the screen orientation according to your preference

1 – Horizontal (Normal)

2 -Horizontal (Reverse)

Video storage information

1 – Check your SD card storage capacity

2 – Storage status information

3 – You can directly format the SD card from the App. Do not forget to save content elsewhere in case you want to keep any recordings.
When the SD card is full, new recordings will automatically overwrite previous data

Firmware update

Are you having difficulties?