26 avril 2022 nexteo

Solar lamps of today are limited by a lack of control of their autonomy and light intensity. LUTEC’s control and adjust features make it possible to create a power to light duration compromise, according to one’s needs.

Lights at your finger tips

From the LUTEC Connect App main screen, you can see all your connected lights. You can then change to the list view screen and easily switch lights ON or OFF one by one.

Bright night

The LUTEC connect Solar range is composed of spike, bollard, flood and wall lights. Most of are equipped with a motion sensor and able to provide 500 to 1500 Lumens of light, depending on
the model.

Set the right intensity

The brightness is adjustable with easy controls within the app to increase or decrease the lights intensity

Warm to cool white

From the main menu or on product level, change the colour temperature according to your needs and preference, from warm to cool white.

Switch to the right mode

You can switch operation mode to AUTO or ON from the main screen of the App, without entering the more detailed product level.
AUTO : motion sensor triggered
ON : continuous light

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