26 avril 2022 nexteo

Smart control of your available battery energy. By selecting AUTO mode within the App, the movement sensor is activated. This means the light will only come on when someone is passing and allows your light to operate effectively all night long.

Be smart to make life easier

Create solar connect groups within the LUTEC connect App. Thanks to Bluetooth MESH grouped lights will be linked and work simultaneously. After the first detection at your driveway or path, all lights in the same group will illuminate automatically.

Simple as a clic

Just click on the “ + “ symbol on any solar light page within the chosen group, then select the lights you want to add from the list of all paired products within the App and your group is created. All groups can be assigned a custom and easy recognisable name.

LUTEC connect eco-system

The LUTEC connect range also includes mains powered connected lighting for indoors and outdoors, as well as security lighting with integrated cameras.
Any of these LUTEC connect luminaires can easily be combined to create a dedicated group. This will facilitate simultaneous App-control of the lights: On-Off switching, Dimming and Colour temperature selection.

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