26 avril 2022 nexteo

Great light for the great outdoors! It’s about freedom without compromise. A light for every mood: a family barbecue, a cosy moment with your beloved or an awesome anniversary garden party.

A palette of colours

Select your favourite shades and enjoy the subtle differences of more than 16 million colours. The RGB colour mode gives a gentle light, which lasts twice as long compared with the bright white
light mode.

Project your mood

Try creating the vibes of a tropical forest with outdoor lights aimed at your leafy plants. RGB colour mode is also very energy efficient, and the batteries last at least twice as long as the
white mode, even at maximum power.

Dynamic light mode

Party mode is made for special garden events and is a pre-set lighting effect, just select it from the scene menu and enjoy! Or maybe try forest mode, which is ideal for illuminating the shrubs and
trees in your garden.

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