26 avril 2022 nexteo

Smart control of your available battery energy. By selecting AUTO mode within the App, the movement sensor is activated. This means the light will only come on when someone is passing and allows your light to operate effectively all night long.

One step and it lights up

The Sun is the only power component in this system, which makes it good for the environment and for your wallet too! A light in your garden, at any time you want, with zero carbon footprint or electricity costs.

3 settings in one App

From the sensor menu you can: Activate the Detection Area from near to far. Set Twilight Mode from dusk to dawn and choose Light Reaction Time from 10 seconds to 3 minutes.

Comprehensive detection area

All LUTEC connect Solar lights have a built-in motion sensor with a wide detection angle of 120 degrees.
Combined with an adjustable detection distance from 2 to 10 metres, you can fully cover the chosen area around your house, your patio or driveway.

Smart constant light

Do you want to maintain a low light level even when motion has not been detected? This is possible with the Constant Light feature, which will allow you to set your light output at 20% for a duration from 2 to 8 hours

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