26 avril 2022 nexteo

Solar lighting is a completely autonomous, off-the-grid solution that uses 100% renewable solar energy . LUTEC has built up great experience of the perfect integration between the technical building blocks of each solar light: Solar Panel, LED Module, Motion Sensor, Rechargeable Battery, and Smart Control, resulting in a high quality and long lasting outdoor luminaire.

Solar Energy means no electricity consumption

The Sun is the only power component in this system, which makes it good for the environment and for your wallet too! A light in your garden, at any time you want, with zero carbon footprint or electricity costs.

Sun, the only component

No connection to the mains, erasing the need for a costly and time consuming electrical wiring installation.
Weatherproof materials and a reliable LED module with strong light output, resulting in a lifespan of more than 20.000 hours.

About the solar panel

All LUTEC solar models are equipped with high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels, perfectly integrated into the lighting fixtures in an aestheticly pleasing way. The solar panel should be positioned in a southward facing direction.

About the battery

One or two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries included in every solar light. Long lasting and easy replaceable.

Autonomy is the priority

Check battery levels at any time. At lower battery levels, switch from continuously ON to AUTO or OFF mode.

You can decide to increase or decrease the lights brightness and further tailor the autonomous operation to your needs.

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