25 avril 2022 nexteo

Hear and talk to anyone at your front door with a tap on your smartphone. The LUTEC connect camera comes with a built-in microphone and speaker so you can effortlessly welcome your visitors or turn away uninvited guests any time, anywhere you are.

Live Notifications

Receive a real-time alert on your smartphone if a person or vehicle is detected on your property. At the same time as the light turns on, a push notification appears on the smartphone or tablet if desired

Keep an eye out

Once you receive an alert, you can quickly and simply check the reason for the detection. If you then want to keep the footage or a photo permanently, all you have to do is download the video or take a screenshot, which will save on your mobile device.

Chat from anywhere

Listen and speak to visitors from wherever you are and start continuous recording to document the whole exchange. Talk with delivery drivers so you will never miss a parcel again.

Scare away intruders

If an intruder is detected, you can trigger the alarm siren directly from your application.

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